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Dr. Robert Sanders, Principal
Romonica Feazell, Assistant Principal
Fonda Dickinson, Lead Teacher
2018-2019 Student Registration Now Open
  • Mission
    In collaboration with parents and community, Mendenhall High School's mission is to provide a comprehensive education that maximizes potential to ensure career-focused students that are prepared for the challenges of the twenty-first century.
  • Vision
    Mendenhall High School will provide a safe and supportive student oriented environment while maintaining a rigorous curriculum which will cause students to graduate and excel as productive citizens of a global community.
  • School Goals
    1. Increase the academic achievement of all
    students in all subjects
    2. Increase the graduation rate to 80% and
    3. Decrease disciplinary referrals by 10%
    4. Increase our ADA to 95%
    5. Increase parental and community
  • School Beliefs
    1. Every student can and will learn when presented with optimal opportunities.
    2. Students will have the opportunity to learn important content and develop critical habits and skills.
    3. All departments of MHS will be organized to use best teaching practices and provide a rigorous curriculum.
    4. Teachers, students and all staff will be provided with an environment conducive for high academic performance and continued growth and development.
    5. The educational process is most successful with a nurturing partnership between students, parents, the community and school.

Mendenhall High English Department

27 days ago

By Fran Bridges

Summer Reading List

Students should read one of the books listed for the appropriate grade level.  These books will be available for check-out in the main office.

9th Grade

"The Call of the Wild"                    Jack London

"Animal Farm"                              George Orwell

12th Grade

"Lord of the Flies"          William Golding

"Death of a Salesman"   Arthur Miller

A.P. Literature

"Things Fall Apart"        Chunua Achebe

10th Grade

"Fahrenheit 451" 
Ray Bradury
"A Doll's House"  
Henrik Ibson
"To Kill a Mockingbird"   Harper Lee

11th Grade 

"The Palace Thief"             Ethan Canin
"Dust Tracks"                        Zora Neale Durston
"The Uglies"
Scott Westerfield

Students will be required to complete a project based on their selected book.  In August students will receive a list of possible projects from their English teacher.  Completed projects will be due on September 7, 2018.