About Us

Mission Statement

In collaboration with parents and community, Mendenhall High School's mission is to provide a comprehensive education that maximizes potential to ensure career-focused students that are prepared for the challenges of the twenty-first century.

Vision Statement

Mendenhall High School will provide a safe and supportive, student oriented environment while maintainig a rigorous curriculum which will cause students to graduate and excel as productive citizens of a global community.

School Goals

  • Increase the academic achievement of all students in all subjects.
  • Increase the graduation rate to 80% and higher.
  • Decrease disciplinary referrals by 10%.
  • Increase our ADA to 95%.
  • Increase parental and community involvement. 
School Beliefs

  • Every student can and will learn when presented with optimal opportunities.
  • Students will have the opportunity to learn important content and develop critical habits and skills.
  • All departments of MHS will be organized to use best teaching practices and provide a rigorous curriculum.
  • Teachers, students and all staff will be provided with an environment conducive for high academic performance and continued and development.
  • The educational process is most successful with a nurturing partnership between students, parents, the community and school. 



Mendenhall High School